Auction rules

  • Auction rules:

    1. The prices listed in the catalogue are start-up prices. The winning bid shall be increased by an administrative fee of 10%..

    2. The auctioneer shall determine the bid increment and shall be entitled to freely divide or combine the lots offered for sale without giving a reason.

    3. In the event of a justified objection raised against the winning bid by a bidder directly after the end of the auction, the auctioneer shall be entitled to re-start or continue the bidding.

    4. In addition to bidders present in the auction room, the auction may also be participated in by persons who submit a purchase order (the so-called auction mail) not later than 24 hours before the start of the bidding. The organizers shall not be held liable for due execution of written orders which are received after the lapse of the aforementioned deadline. The purchase order referred to above shall be accepted only in a written form (a letter, fax, e-mail).

    5. Mail orders should specify: the lot number, the name of the author, the first word of the title and the highest bid (limit), exclusive of the administration fee. The value of the highest bids and the names of persons (or institutions) taking part in the auction by mail shall constitute confidential information. An authorized representative of the Antiquariat shall place absentee bids on behalf of such persons and institutions.

    6. Purchased items shall be sent by post (the shipping costs shall be added): to institutions - on credit, to private individuals – upon prepayment to bank account of Rara Avis.

    7. You are requested to comply with the payment deadline of 7 days from the receipt of a bill for purchased lots. After the lapse of this deadline, statutory interest shall be charged.

    8. Bidders collecting purchased lots in person shall be obliged to pay for them within 7 days of the auction date. After the lapse of this deadline, statutory interest shall be charged.

    9. The organizers reserve the right to ban from the auction the persons who do not fulfil their obligations.

    10. The Jagiellonian Library and the National Library shall have a pre-emptive right to purchase the lots for the price equal to the winning bids.

    11. The buyer may, within 14 days of the auction date, terminate the purchase agreement in the event that the catalogue description of the lot clearly does not match the actual condition thereof. In case of any disputes, the claims of the buyer shall be accepted upon the submission by him of a reliable expert’s opinion within the aforementioned time limit.

    12. Subject to point 11, the organizer shall not be held liable for hidden physical and legal faults of the lots, which shall not exclude claims against the seller.

    13. Any use of bibliographic descriptions and illustrations contained in the catalogue shall be possible only upon the obtainment of a prior written consent of the “Rara Avis” Antiquariat.

    14. There are two factors that affect the export possibility of library materials: age (limit of 100 years for books, 50 years for photographs and autographs, 150 years for maps) and value (limit of 6000 PLN for books, maps and photographs, 4000 PLN for autographs). Objects which increase the both factor limits must have a special permission from National Library is Warsaw to be exported. For the library materials classified as a part of national heritage, the license may be refused. The detailed rules of export library materials abroad are regulated by the Law of 18 March 2010 on the Protection and Guardianship of Monuments. The text of the Law is available at the website of the Association of Polish Antique and Art Dealers.

    15. The Antiquariat declares that, according to the binding provisions of law, it is obliged to collect personal data of clients executing transactions whose value exceeds EUR 15 thousand.

    16. The bidder agrees to receive, also by e-mail, commercial and marketing correspondence of the Antiquariat.